Haiku Software provides contract software design and development services for clients worldwide. We specialize in designing and creating software for Apple Mac OS X and iPhone OS. We've also created web applications and hybrid web + traditional desktop or mobile solutions for clients.

Design: Creating a product begins with Product Definition. We help you take your idea and turn it into a actual design for a product, including the User Interface (UI) and User Interaction model (UX). This involves discussion with you and ideally some of your customers to understand their work-flow or use patterns. From this document Engineering may begin, either with our team or your own.

Development: From the Product Definition document(s) we determine the engineering needs of the project and put together a matched expert team. This team works together in an iterative fashion to turn the Product Definition into an actual product.

Quality Assurance: During development we work with your testers, or our own to assure the product meets our high standards for correct operation and excellent performance. We suggest a "beta" test period with actual customers in the field and we can coordinate this.

Deployment: Once complete, we work with you to deploy your product, either through the AppStore (iPhone/iPad apps) or from your website (Mac OS X).

Maintenance: all products need ongoing maintenance. We work with you to determine what needs to be done first and get fixes to your customers as a top priority.

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